Groenendaal transport opens Service Terminal Eemhaven

To offer its customers even better service, Groenendaal Transport B.V. recently opened Service Terminal Eemhaven. In collaboration with partners MSR and Proliquid, Groenendaal offers numerous possibilities with this terminal. Service Terminal Eemhaven is centrally located in the port of Rotterdam and has its own berth. The site is, among other things, equipped with a permanently installed shore crane with a capacity of 12 tons.

With this collaboration, Groenendaal and partners want to offer a full-service experience to all its customers. By combining their experience and expertise, they offer a powerful package of services. The location of Service Terminal Eemhaven is therefore equipped with a 210 meter jetty, is accessible 24/7 and has its own warehouse with numerous facilities.

At Service Terminal Eemhaven, service and transparency are paramount. This manifests itself, for example, in the fact that customers have one point of contact and, if desired, can also receive one invoice for all services. That is what makes Service Terminal Eemhaven unique and serviceable.

Director of Groenendaal Transport B.V. and co-founder of Service Terminal Eemhaven says: “We unburden our customers, take on responsibilities and oblige ourselves and each other to provide a high level or service towards our clients. Service Terminal Eemhaven can be reached 24/7 and we expect the same from our cooperation partners. Together we can really provide something unique to our customers.”

More information and an overview of all services can be found on the website of Service Terminal Eemhaven: