Specialist in liquid transport

Our services

  • Years of experience in transporting liquid waste materials and products.
    Thanks to our broad knowledge and expertise we are able to assist you
    in various ways of tank transportation;
  • Broad international recognition and various certificates for transporting dangerous waste products in Europe.
    Our company and our drivers are equipped with the necessary certificates for home and abroad. See all our certificates for more information;
  • Mediation, transport and storage of hazardous waste. We like to think along with you and therefore offer a total solution when it comes to handling and transporting your hazardous waste;
  • Support center in the port of Antwerp to better serve the Belgian market. Thanks to this service point, our cars drive fewer empty kilometers which is environmentally friendly and also more efficient.

Behind the scenes

Groenendaal Transport B.V. was founded in 1998, after director Dennis van Benschop saw a clear need for waste transport.

With a broad background in processing and transport of waste oil, Dennis already had the necessary experience and knowledge of the market. To distinguish Groenendaal from other carriers, the company has specifically focused on the transport of hazardous industrial waste. For example: the company has firmly established itself in the market and can now call itself an expert when it comes to ADR tank transport.

Dennis emphasizes: “Thanks to our broad network, experienced drivers and a large selection of specialized tank transports, we can be of service to our customers in various ways.”

Dennis van Benschop
Managing director

Our vehicles

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